The Sacrament of Holy Orders

Not everyone is called to this special vocation.  First of all, one has to be able to pray well, get along with others, have a great ability to love -  a bridled, a chaste love.  By their configuration with Christ the Head, they will not bring forth children in the physical way, but spiritually.  That is why we call them "Father."  As parents, or grandparents, you have a a great obligation to foster vocations, to the priesthood and the religious life.  If God has placed a vocation in a young person, and a parent shall not discourage this vocation. 

Just think: if your boy becomes a priest, daily he will include you in the prayers, especially holy Mass.  If your girl becomes a Bride of Christ, her prayers are very powerful - and she would daily lift you and the family up on prayer.  It cannot get any better...

If you think you have a vocation, please talk to Fr. Peter.

He will help discern if this call is from God.

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