Welcome Back...we've been waiting for you!

Not practicing our God-given faith does something to our souls--it makes one miserable.  As time slips by (sometimes years), it is hard to find the way back into the community, but this does not have to be!

It simply starts by calling or stopping by Our Lady of the Lake to see Fr. Peter.  We've "left the light on for you!" - you only have to take the first step.

Father will help you talk about your goals, frustrations, joys...and then help sort things out.  Just by unburdening your soul to a priest can be a life-changing experience.  Our hearts look for our Good Lord, the Good Shepherd. And with the help of a priest, Christ will be back into one's heart in no time.  It is true, that only someone who has experienced the lack of Christ's presence, will be able to understand.  Don't worry, Father has a story of his own when he was young and had left family and the faith--but with God's grace, he made his way back into the heart of the Church--and even became a servant of God and His people.  

So, give it a try.  Here is Fr. Peter's number: 920-605-5765. Just tell him that you need a little help getting back--and he'll say, "Welcome Back!"

Or make an initial contact with Fr. Peter by emailing him.