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Being Catholic means, that wherever there is a Catholic Church, you have your home - even far away from home.    Our good heavenly Father has placed a desire in each and every person's heart to long for Him.  But not all desire to seek Him and long for Him in such a way that one sells everything that one possesses and purchases this pearl of great price.

But for those who do, they will find that through Baptism, Eucharist and Confirmation, one becomes fully initiated into the Catholic Faith and so has a pledge of eternal life - placed on our soul - an indelible mark.  We are marked for a life with God.

To search and find Him then, in every Catholic Church we have a red candle burning.  This means that our Good Lord is present there: Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity, right in the Sanctuary - in the Tabernacle.

So, welcome to our little Church, filled with God's Holy Spirit, with our Lord Jesus being present, so that we might find our way to heaven, our permanent home, God pleasing.  While on our journey, this is only a foretaste of heaven.

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