It is said that "life is a journey." And so it is.  A journey, as coming from God who created us and placed us into this world.  Now it is up to us to look for a way back to our heavenly Father.  Within us we have a desire to go back to Him, but we don't always have the knowledge. 


Thanks be to God for those who are baptized - they have been given a pledge, the Holy Spirit, to guide them.  But here is the crux: Satan also can appear as an angel of light (2 Cor 11:14).  So how can we know whom to trust and whom to follow?

Thanks be to God for the gift of His Church which Christ established.  Through the teachings of the Catholic Faith we have an assurance that we are on the right track.  Don't know too much about our faith?  Don't worry - that's were we come in.

Here at OLOL we offer CCD, Adult Education and Evangelization.  CCD and AdEd studies begin in September

Besides that we also offer a Bible Study: this year we learn about Jeff Cavins The ACTS of the Apostles  This study also begins in September.